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Learning at home - New Approaches in DR

We bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials that can be accessed to learn at home. In this this section you will find our resources relating to New Approaches in DR.

New Approaches in DR

Marketing your collaborative practice

The session was presented by Rob Parker, Lamb Brooks, and chair of the North Hampshire Collaborative Group. Discussing areas such as why choose collaborative law, what are the benefits and how does it work.


The Certainty Project

Nadia Beckett, Julian Bremner, Margaret Kelly and Karin Walker four of the main forces behind ‘The Certainty Project’ explain about this innovative way of working and how it can assist your practice at this time of change.


Audio: Hybrid mediation

This advanced hybrid practice model provides an invaluable additional resource to supplement the established family mediation model.


Video: Starting Online Family Video Mediation

The past couple of months have driven us to different ways of working as family mediators. This webinar discussion explores online video family mediation.

  • - How can we keep working and safeguard all involved in the mediation process?
  • - Are we struggling to grapple with the technology of online video conferencing?
  • - Are we waiting for all of this to blow over and stay with the traditional ways or are there opportunities for the future in new ways of working?

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Screening in the collaborative process

This session was led by Ian Hawkins, Ascot Lloyd, co-chair Collaborative Working Party.

The session was split into four sections:

  • - Why is collaborative good for you? Why it is good for clients?
  • - Who is suitable for collaborative?
  • - Who is NOT suitable for collaborative?
  • - For those for who collaborative is not suitable, what safeguards can be put in place so that collaborative can be suitable?


Podcast: Arbitration Masterclass

Suzanne Kingston, Withers, and Karin Walker, KGW Family Law and Chair of Resolution’s DR Committee, discuss the current practice of Family Arbitration.


Arbitration and collaborative practice

This session was presented by Bernadette Hoy, Garside & Hoy and covers areas such as Participation Agreement, Withdrawal from the process and the core elements that form your Collaborative Practice, contractual commitments.


Step by step guide to arbitration for practitioners

Suzanne Kingston and Karin Walker take you through a simple step by step guide with supporting notes to make everything clear for both financial and children arbitration.


Other Useful Links

Guidance on New Approaches in DR, in the family court:

Learning at Home

This is part of the Learning at home series where we bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials.