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Learning at home – Your Wellbeing

We bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials that can be accessed to learn at home. In this this section you will find our resources relating to your wellbeing.

Learning at home – Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing Webinar with LawCare

Run in partnership with LawCare, the leading legal mental health charity, this webinar examines how family justice professionals can look after and maintain good mental health during challenging times with an emphasis on self-care. The session considers workplace factors which may compromise wellbeing and covers the challenges involved in dealing with vulnerable or stressed clients.

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Focusing the legal mind

Mark Randall uses his 40 years of experience using mindfulness based techniques to reset, refresh and re-calibrate himself whilst working in highly stressful, unpredictable and complex trading environments.

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Be at your best

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, shares practical tips on how to manage the day to day pressures of working in family law. It includes a link to their new online course 'Fit for Law'

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Resolution's 121 mentoring scheme

In the Resolution model, mentors work alongside members to assist, support and guide.

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Feelings in family law - help or hindrance?

Recorded at Resolution's DR Conference in October 2018, Amita Sehgal discusses the issues for family lawyers in terms of how they experience the feelings of their clients.

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Process of separation: the five stages of grief (Kubler-Ross model)

Different experts describe the grieving process in different ways and use different images. One way of looking at the process of separation, divorce and family breakdown is to compare it to the so called "bereavement graph”. In this extract from the Code in Practice course, Angela Lake-Carroll, Resolution's Consultant Head of Standards, explains the graph and how it can help to understand the process of separation clients are going through.

Wellness in family law – reflective practice

Annmarie Carvalho (Carvalho Mediation & Therapy) and Lauren Guy (Family Law Partners) discuss the issues in wellness in family law.

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Lawyers and vicarious trauma

This video was recorded in June 2019 and is presented by Robyn Bradey (expert social worker based in Sydney, Australia).

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Wellbeing for family lawyers – making the case

Matthew Richardson, from Coram Chambers and Resolution's National YRes Committee, presents the case on wellbeing for family lawyers.

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Learning at home

This is part of the Learning at home series where we bring together a selection of digital resources and learning materials.