Hello, I’m Ceri, founder of Willow Brook Lifestyle Financial Planning. I provide specialist financial advice to women experiencing divorce.
At a time of uncertainty, when emotions are running high, I’ve found that women are seeking a trusted relationship. One in which no questions are stupid. They want to ensure they have the best possible financial outcome from their divorce, but beyond that they also want clarity on what their financial future now looks like and confidence they can handle their finances going forward.
They are trying to gain independence, confidence, financial security for them and their children, and a fresh start.
They are often nervous, daunted, wary, unclear and busy.
After working with Willow Brook their optimism returns and they have clarity on the way ahead.
A lack of experience, worry and stress, lack of knowledge of who can help can all prevent women being able to achieve this.
My approach is one of complete and genuine care, underpinned by my expertise as a Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the CII.
As a level, clear thinking expert on your side, I can help reassure you and guide you through all the financial jargon that is likely to rear its head. If you’d like me on your team,please email for an initial consultation.