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Eve Stanway - Break-up Divorce Coaching

job-title-icon Break-up Divorce Coach & Psychotherapist

address-icon The Epping Connection, 196a High Street
CM16 4AQ,
United Kingdom

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I am Eve Stanway, a Divorce Coach who helps people create their future during and after divorce and breakup. I specialise in helping parents navigate divorce and breakup while supporting their children with the heartbreak, changes, and emotions that go with significant family change, whether that is a parent leaving the family home, introducing a new partner, or handling the uncertainty of a parent who keeps changing the plan.

My Facebook page, Eve’s Worry to Wisdom: Guiding Parents Through Separation and Divorce, is a safe, non-judgmental space for comments, education and support. Please follow this link to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/790124106269057/

Divorce and break up are life-changing and often profoundly traumatic. Even after a career in psychotherapy, I was devastated by the sheer overwhelming impact of my own divorce six years ago.

I realised that emotional support to get you through the dark times combined with knowledge and understanding of how to create an action plan to deal with the practical, legal and family impact of the process creates recovery and thriving.

Divorce is the loss of one idea of the future, and yet, with the proper support, it may be the start of a new and better future that releases your potential and growth.

Divorce affects children, work, careers, home life, studies, Grandparents, and even the pets. I help you to have a plan for each day, for each unexpected twist along the path.

There will always be tears, fears, anger and grief along the way; however, with support and someone who won’t judge and who is there just for you, you can get through.

If you know someone struggling with any stage of divorce or separation, give them my number and suggest they call me for a chat to find out how I can help them.

My name is Eve Stanway, Divorce and Break Up Coach, guiding you through divorce

Lawyers, mediators, and therapists all have an essential part to play; however, a Divorce Coach can help you with emotional and practical support as you grow your new future.

So many of the issues I worked on in clinic were dealing with the fallout from divorce issues on adults, children and often grandparents as well. I have become passionate about supporting people on their journey, from feeling like they have nothing to realising their own true value and worth.

I am interested in connecting with personal trainers, lawyers, mediators, relationship counsellors, psychotherapists, estate agents, mortgage advisors, financial advisors, will writers and estate planners, all of whom may help form an essential practical part of the team supporting people through their separation until they are thriving on the other side.

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