Black Lives Matter – a statement from Resolution

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George Floyd’s tragic death has thrown a light on the racism that sadly continues to exist in society and compels every individual and organisation to reflect on whether they are doing enough to stand up for minorities and stamp out prejudice and racism on every level.

Racism has no place in our organisation. Resolution opposes discrimination in every form, and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Black community and those who are leading the campaign to ensure minority voices are heard in every walk of life.

Resolution works hard to represent all members, and campaigns for a fair and equitable family justice system, including access to justice for all.  We acknowledge, however, that we are not yet the diverse organisation we want to be and we recognise we have much work to do to become an organisation for all.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been working on a strategy to ensure we are more inclusive as a membership body, as well as how we promote diversity more broadly within the family justice community.

The strategy will be published soon and will include activities such as equalities training for all staff and leading committee members, and guidance on organising events and training to encourage a more diverse and representative range of speakers and attendees.

For many of our members, who share our core values, it may be difficult to know what we can do as individuals in connection with what is happening.   There is a list of useful suggestions and resources which we would encourage you to read if you would like to try and help, and to understand more.

Margaret Heathcote – National Chair

Colin Jones – CEO

Jo O’Sullivan and Remyhs Baker – Joint Chairs, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee