Completion of Form A on the online portal

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HMCTS has contacted Resolution and other professional user groups in relation to the completion of Form A on the online portal. Members are reminded that when selecting Court, details must be given for the Region in which the applicant resides, then the FRC area and finally the appropriate Court. Please note that the appropriate Court is (save in exceptional cases which must be fully explained on Form A) the Court nearest to where the applicant resides. Please see the relevant page taken from MyHMCTS guidance.

Some people are omitting the applicant’s residential address on Form A or inserting a solicitor’s business address in the applicant address field. This results in a number of cases being incorrectly assigned to the CFC or the Court nearest to the solicitor. If there is any doubt as to the appropriate region please see the regional family centre address list.

To check the applicant’s local court, please use HMCTS ‘Courtfinder’.

By way of example (taken from a random postcode generator) IP31 3EH would fall under the NES BCH Region, Peterborough FRC and Bury St Edmunds Family Court.