Financial remedy contested applications on MyHMCTS

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From 31 January 2023, legal representatives must submit and manage applications for contested financial remedy online using MyHMCTS. Documents and orders must be uploaded to the online service and will no longer be accepted at local courts. These changes are included in the pilot Practice Direction 36N which has recently been signed off by the Family Procedure Rule Committee.

There will be a transition period from Wednesday 1 February to Tuesday 28 February 2023. During this time, HMCTS will continue to process paper applications, until 28 February when they will be returned.

Financial remedy applications have been modernised as part of the £1bn investment to reform courts and tribunals service. MyHMCTS, the case management service for legal professionals was launched in 2020. It has successfully processed over 14,000 applications and is processing 80% of all digital Form A submissions.

Sign up for the financial remedy service

We strongly urge you to create an account with MyHMCTS in good time for 1 February by following these steps:

  1. Check that your firm is not already signed up to MyHMCTS. Your firm may already be using MyHMCTS to manage probate, divorce applications or non-contentious financial remedy applications. If your firm is using MyHMCTS request a username and password from your administrator.
  2. If your firm has not signed up please register for the service. Your firm will need to nominate an administrator to set the organisation up and manage the account.
  3. To register, organisations must have an active fee account (also known as Payment by Account, or PBA). Registering for an account is easy and they are usually confirmed within three working days. If you have any questions about setting up an account, please email the MyHMCTS support team.
  4. Once an account has been created, the administrator will be able to manage the account, add additional users and manage permissions

Help and support

Please check guidance on how to use the online financial remedy service. A demonstration of the below is also available on Youtube.

Financial Remedy Service – Submitting an application
Financial Remedy – Manage documents, updating bundles, creating general applications and sharing cases
Financial Remedy Service – Lodging a consent order

For further support please contact the HMCTS Financial Remedy team.