‘Firms of the Future’ project to gather innovative practices within family law

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We are excited to launch Firms of the Future, a special project by Resolution’s Innovation Group, which will bring together all the practices, technologies and platforms family practitioners are using to help them succeed during the pandemic and beyond.

To kickstart the project, we need your help to understand the way people have been working effectively through the pandemic. Do you have a few minutes spare to complete our quick survey?

Your answers will help us to create a library of resources that all Resolution members can access, learn from and be inspired by. We’ll spread innovative practice across our membership and the family law community at large.

Complete the survey

This is a chance for you to share what’s worked for you over the last tumultuous year and to spread that good practice among your contemporaries.

It also offers us the chance to take stock of what the family justice landscape will look like in a post-pandemic world and spotlight how firms will navigate the future.

About the Innovation Group

The Innovation Group was founded in 2018 and works to make sure Resolution and its members understand innovative projects and technology in the field of family justice. With our Firms of the Future project, we want to identify and guide members in the latest ways of working which will help firms weather the challenges of tomorrow. Learn more about our work here.