First-ever Chartered Legal Executive appointed Vice Chair of Resolution

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Juliet Harvey of Birketts has become the first Chartered Legal Executive to serve as Vice Chair of Resolution. Announced at Resolution’s annual general meeting, she will serve two years as Vice Chair before taking up her position as National Chair in 2020.

Since being founded as the Solicitors’ Family Law Association 35 years ago, Resolution has developed into a hub for all family justice professionals who are committed to a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues. It represents over 6,500 family professionals across the sector and currently, more Chartered Legal Executives than ever before are also becoming members of Resolution.

To coincide with this, Resolution has made its Family Law and Justice report available free of charge to Chartered Legal Executives working in family law. The report highlights key changes and developments in the family law sector, helping professionals future-proof their practice.

Speaking about the impact membership has had on her own practice, Juliet said: “I’m concerned about what’s happening in our field and I hope I still have a job by the time I come to retire. It must be more challenging for those starting out now – there appears to be a real squeeze on family law so I do worry. I’d say stay in touch with Resolution because they keep ahead of the curve and keep their members involved on all the changes that are coming up in the profession.”

She continued: “This Family Law and Justice report is invaluable for any CILEx member working in Family Law. It’s just one example of the many quality resources available from Resolution, an organisation that represents the interests of all Family Justice Professionals, not just solicitors. I would urge practitioners to download the report and consider joining today.”

Margaret Heathcote, National Chair of Resolution, added: “We’re pleased to provide this free resource to support Chartered Legal Executives, and show them just one of the many benefits of becoming a member of Resolution. I’m proud of the range of specialisms offered by the professionals within our membership, representing thousands of practitioners from across the family justice arena. The more professionals who commit to our non-confrontational way of working, the better Resolution’s network of support becomes, leading to a better service we can provide for clients.”