HMCTS research on reassigning cases

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HMCTS is asking for volunteers to take part in research looking at how Case Access Administrators, Solicitors or Paralegals manage or re-assign cases where the person the case is assigned to has left the organisation or is unavailable.

Researchers are testing some new functionality that will involve being able to re-assign a case digitally that was previously assigned to someone else in the organisation. Reasons for re-assigning might include the assignee leaving or being off ill.

Ideally they want to speak to people who currently re-assign cases in CCD (Core Case Data case management system), which is currently a manual process.

The processes researchers are looking at are when a solicitor/paralegal has left the organisation suddenly or is unavailable they have responsibility for:

  • Finding the specific case and sharing it with someone else in the organisation.
  • Remove access from a specific case for a specific user.
  • Re-assigning access to all the cases that were assigned to the solicitor/paralegal who is unavailable.

Interviews will take one hour by Teams or phone on 15th or 16th December. If you want to participate please email Judith Fellowes