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A new version of Resolution’s Cohabitation Agreements is available.

This new edition of Resolution’s Cohabitation Agreements draws upon the wealth of experience of Resolution members and provides you, as a family law practitioner, with an essential tool to create binding cohabitation agreements. Fully annotated and updated for 2019, this invaluable resource references current case law, navigates the pitfalls of drafting the agreements and equips you to more confidently assist your cohabitant clients.

As ever, this new edition represents hundreds of hours of input from senior Resolution members. They have debated the suggested contents, the perils and pitfalls, and the various ways different courts and judges respond to particular wording.

Resolution members get a 33% discount off the normal price.

  • Online only version – £148.00* – member price £99.00*
    Option includes: access to the online platform for three years where you can draft online, plus PDF version of agreements.
  • Online and print version – £224.00* – member price £150.00*
    Option includes: printed copy of the agreements, access to the online platform for three years where you can draft online, plus PDF version of the agreements.

*Price is for a three-year licence to the online versions, limited to one user per licence.

Once purchased, you can access the online agreements on our Online orders and agreements site.


Resolution’s definitive guide to drafting cohabitation agreements, including full coverage and analysis of property, disclosure, gifts, business interests, provision and support, life insurance, mortgage payments, and costs.

Detailed footnotes set out the case law, legislation and practical pointers so that individual agreements are used with care and in context.

  • Members Price £150

  • Non-members Price £ 224

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