Emailing your Member of Parliament about Resolution campaigns

From time to time you may want to contact your MP about a Resolution campaign

Find out who your MP is and get their contact details from the Parliament UK website.

It is better to write your own personal letter/email than a standard or model letter as it shows the strength of feeling you have about the campaign. Relaying personal experiences about the campaign to your MP will help to illustrate the essential issues.

In your email to the MP you may want to:

  • Introduce yourself and say where you live and work
  • Clearly and simply explain about the campaign, your MP may be unaware of the issues involved
  • If you can, give examples of how you are personally affected and how the families you work with are affected
  • Be specific about what you would like your MP to do (i.e. set up a meeting, contact the government to raise your concerns, raise the issues with the Minister, ask questions in Parliament)
  • Ask your MP to keep in regular contact with you and to give you copies of any responses they receive from other MPs or the Secretary of State.

Share the responses you receive from MPs with the Resolution communications team by emailing: