Code in Practice course

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Members of Resolution need to complete the Code in Practice course during their first year of membership.

Learning the Code

This is an enjoyable and informative way of finding out how to use the Code in your everyday practice and how those issues affect you and your clients.

About the Code in Practice course

The course is mandatory for new members because, whether you are newly qualified or have been practising family law for many years, we wish to ensure that all our members:

  • Understand why the Code of Practice is central to membership of Resolution
  • Grow in confidence in their understanding of the practical application of the Code
  • Get the guidance and support they need to be able to incorporate it into their everyday work

By doing this course, we believe that you will be a more effective professional, whether you are a family lawyer or another professional involved in the family justice system.

The course covers the following areas of practice in family law:

  • The psychological impact of relationship breakdown
  • Contact with the client
  • Communication and correspondence
  • Dealing with other professionals and litigants in person
  • Why follow the Code

The course is designed to be completed in approximately three hours.

You can complete the course flexibly over multiple sessions. You don’t have to complete it in one sitting. You’ll continue to have access to the course as long as you are a member of Resolution.

To complete the course, you need to complete each of the five case review activities at the end of each of the five sections.

  • DIG-CIP | 2023 | Members Price ¬£120