Essential Skills Module(in person) 06 September 2024

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Trainer: Angela Lake-Carroll
Trainer: Suzy Power

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06 September 2024 (in person)

Resolution Offices, 91-95 Southwark Bridge Rd, London, SE1 0AX

The Essential Skills course covers baseline knowledge in regard to understanding the psychodynamics of family separation and critical skills in terms of assessing client needs, managing emotions, and establishing a forward and positive problem-solving focus for clients, building their confidence and, if they are parents, enabling them to focus on the needs of their children. The course provides 10 hours of learning and development including pre-course distance learning/guided study, linked with a subsequent attended day.

This course is suitable for:

  • any and all members, whether as a first course or refresher learning.
  • for those undertaking training in working collaboratively, it forms part of the overall training course.
  • Resolution Together, for members who are not trained and currently practising collaborative practitioners or mediators, this module is part of the Resolution Together overall learning and development.

This module is one of twelve new courses for learning and professional development being offered by Resolution, providing a cohesive learning pathway for all members, to learn more, click on the link below:

Essential skills for the modern family practitioner >>

Learning programme:

  • This course can also be completed and used towards becoming a collaborative practitioner or mediator, as part of the Resolution Together overall learning and development pathway.

There is a full learning and development programme for Resolution Together practice designed in course format so members can complete the learning they need.

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  • Essential Skills | 06 SEPTEMBER 2024 Price £390