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The Resolution family finance forum is suitable for all practitioners in family law who want to gain a deeper understanding of family law-related financial issues.

16th May 2019 – London

Lunch and registration 12.30pm.

Event Programme

The family lawyer and financial expert: together a powerful combination – Mary Waring

On request, a family lawyer will often refer a client to a financial expert following receipt of their settlement in order to obtain investment advice. But are there other core areas, much earlier in the process, where the family lawyer can work with a financial expert to improve the outcome for the client.

Mary Waring, a Resolution Accredited, award winning chartered financial planner, will share some of her experiences of working with family lawyers to help achieve the most appropriate settlement for the client. She will look at situations where it will benefit both the solicitor and the client for the financial expert to get involved at a much earlier stage.

Should I appoint a shadow expert? – Kate Hart

You’ve taken the plunge and appointed an SJE to value the parties’ business interests. But your client isn’t comfortable with the result and you’re not sure about it either. Kate Hart, experienced forensic accountant with over 150 matrimonial appointments, will consider when appointing a shadow expert will add value and when it will just add cost.

Sometimes there is a desire to appoint a shadow expert because the right questions haven’t been asked of the SJE in the first place. Kate will also give an introduction to Resolution’s recent guidance for those making initial enquiries of experts in financial remedy proceedings since, in these cases, getting it right first time could save time, money and aggravation later.

“The ‘Freedoms’ continued – Pension planning” – Keith Churchouse

The way in which pension benefits can be drawn after the age of 55 changed dramatically in 2015. The session will cover the importance of pensions as part of any financial settlement in divorce and how pensions may provide income in the future for both parties, also looking at final salary benefits and the increase in transfer values in recent times.

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