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16 authors from Resolution's Family Law Handbook discuss the issues they tackled and the latest thinking for all those working as family practitioners.

Family Law Handbook – Authors Discuss Chapters

Some of the authors from the new edition of Resolution's Family Law Handbook discuss their respective chapters.

Chapter 2: Marriage

Speakers: Sarah Dodds and Michael Edwards

Chapter 3: Divorce

Speakers: Andrew Watson and Claire Andrews

Chapter 4: Cohabitation

Speakers: Graeme Fraser and Vanessa Friend

Chapter 5: Financial remedy proceedings

Speakers: Andrew Newbury and Farhana Shahzady

Chapter 7: Financial provision for children

Speakers: James Pirrie and Michelle Counley

Chapter 8: Inheritance Act claims

Speakers: Matthew Morton and Emma Collins

Chapter 10: Children Proceedings

Speakers: Tammy Knox and Nadia Salam

Chapter 15: Costs in family proceedings

Speakers: Anna-Laura Lock and Selena Arbe-Barnes

Family Law Handbook

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction – Kim Beatson and Nigel Shepherd

Chapter 2: Marriage – Charlotte Bradley and Sarah Dodds

Chapter 3. Divorce – Andrew Watson

Chapter 4: Cohabitation – Graeme Fraser

Chapter 5: Financial Remedy Proceedings – Andrew Newbury and Farhana Shahzady

Chapter 6: Prenuptial Agreements – Hannah Minty and Rachel Cooper

Chapter 7: Schedule 1 and the CMS: Financial Provision for Children – James Pirrie

Chapter 8: Inheritance Act claims – Emma Collins, Lottie Tyler and Mathew Morton

Chapter 9: Businesses in divorce – Andrew Moore

Chapter 10: Children proceedings – Tammy Knox and Nadia Salam

Chapter 11: Surrogacy – Natalie Gamble

Chapter 12: Domestic Abuse – Jane Wilson

Chapter 13: Dispute Resolution – Out of Court Solutions – Dave Emmerson, Emma Harte, Tristan Harvey, Tasha Bevan-Stewart and Angela Lake-Carroll

Chapter 14: Legal Aid – Vicky Ling

Chapter 15: Costs in Family proceedings – Anna-Laura Lock and Selena Arbe-Barnes

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