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The Co-Parent Way Ltd

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The Co-Parent Way is the UK’s only Co-Parent Coaching Practice. Its director, Marcie Shaoul is a thought leader in co-parenting and is responsible for developing a unique coaching methodology that enables parents to get to a place where they can co-parent together effectively after separation. It provides coaching specifically for couples or individuals who are separating and who have kids.

Co-Parent Coaching enables those who are separating to find a way of being secure enough to work together to create an unbroken place to raise their child even though they are not together. Using bespoke methodology based on ten years of research, The Co-Parent Way works with parents to ensure that they are able to see past the reasons for the relationship break-up and focus with their co-parent on how to best raise their child.

Often called a sister-tool to mediation, Co-Parent Coaching is an effective tools-based coaching programme that works with our inner emotions in order to help individuals be whole and adult. That strength is combined with practical negotiation skills, identifying boundaries and working out how to deal with trigger points and anger in order to create a safe and structured environment in which to bring up children. Called ‘Pioneering’ by family lawyers, The Co-Parent Way is breaking new ground in how we deal with parenting after separation.

Its director Marcie Shaoul is a trained, certified and accredited coach and also runs the Rolling Stone Coaching, a highly exclusive Executive Coaching firm. Marcie has worked throughout her whole career with leaders from around the globe to bring about exponential change.

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