National Conference music quiz group booking

The Anthony Gold Family team invites you to join the conference quiz on Thursday 6pm.

The Love and Heartache quiz is a collection of songs put together by the family department at Anthony Gold. Love and Heartache is bread and butter for much of our work, but we are aware that all of you will have a different interpretation and songs that matter to you in very much the same way. 
You are welcome to put together your own team or put forward yourself individually and Resolution will put you in breakout rooms.
It is a quiz that will span the generations from YRes to GreyRes
A word of warning – no use of mobile phones or any apps to recognise songs during the quiz are allowed.
Please use the form below to make a group booking
  • Group bookings are limited to a maximum of 12 delegates.
  • All parties within the booking must a conference delegate.

National Conference Music Quiz - Group Booking

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