Good Divorce Week 2020 Highlights

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We put the Code of Practice at the centre of our annual awareness-raising week helping to demonstrate how early professional advice could aid families in coming to amicable and long-lasting resolutions. 

Our specially commissioned YouGov survey found that 41% of divorcees who separated in the last five years had suffered episodes of poor mental health. A majority of those (63%) felt that had they access to early professional advice, their experience of divorce and that of their family would have been significantly improved. Our research was cited in Parliament, made national headlines in The Times and the I Newspaper and was supported by influential politicians, including the Justice Select Committee Chair Bob Neil MP.

Members helped galvanise support for the campaign using the Good Divorce Week toolkit to write to their MPs, gain local media coverage as well as doll out over 1,000 hours of free professional advice to those in need during the week. As well as illustrating that Resolution members live and breath our Code of Practice, it also helped to generate new clients and leads. Good Divorce Week really does demonstrate the power of Resolution’s collective voice, and the benefits to individual members.

The Code of Practice informs my approach to representing clients and I was very pleased that it was the focus of Good Divorce Week. I was interviewed by my local radio station. A great  chance to talk about our Code, to explain why it’s important that people understand their options early on and to promote the free advice sessions. I provided free advice to five people who needed it and two of those have since indicated they want me to represent them.

Laura Martin, senior associate at Blanchards Bailey LLP.

Highlights from the week 

  • 1,000 + free hours of professional advice given out by resolution members
  • 120 articles in local and national press (including The Times and The I Paper) mentioned Good Divorce Week – reaching a potential audience of over 70 million
  • 150+ mentions of Good Divorce Week each day on social media, reaching nearly half a million Twitter users
  • 38% increase in clients searching the Resolution member database
  • 500,000 Twitter users were reached with over 150 mentions of the #GoodDivorceWeek hashtag each day