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Which committees are recruiting?

We advertise committee vacancies twice a year, and this spring seven committees are recruiting, and two new committees are looking for founder members. You can find out about all the committees that are recruiting and what they’re looking for here.

More info about the committees looking for members

Why apply?

Resolution’s success is the result of work and time provided by members for members. Your contribution is vital to the work of Resolution and has a direct impact on the professional lives of your colleagues, peers, and the families you work with.

Becoming a member of a Resolution committee is a rewarding way to share your knowledge, expertise and talent with Resolution’s members, whilst providing opportunities to widen your professional network and develop your skills.

Who can apply?

We encourage applications from any member or associate member of Resolution. We want to improve the diversity of our committees and particularly welcome applications from members of diverse racial backgrounds, members with disabilities and YRes members.

We are keen to welcome more financial and therapeutic professionals and would also welcome applications from those interested in DR who have not yet become qualified or experienced in it.

What’s involved?

Committees meet up to six times a year, at the moment online; opportunities to meet face to face in the future will be discussed and agreed upon in due course. Making an active contribution is important, preparation before meetings is usually required, as is some work to complete tasks between meetings.

How to apply

Please complete the application form below by 13th May and, at the same time, complete our anonymous diversity survey. The diversity survey is entirely optional and separate from your application and will be used to monitor whether we are attracting a diverse range of applicants. It can’t and won’t be used to select committee members.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or would like to find out more before you apply, please contact us.

More info about the committees looking for members