Supporting earlier resolution of private family law arrangements

Resolution’s response to the Ministry of Justice.

Resolution has responded to the Ministry of Justice’s consultation on supporting earlier resolution of private family law arrangements.

Resolution is committed to developing and promoting best standards in the practice of family law amongst both its members and amongst family lawyers in general.

We also campaign for better laws and better support for families and children undergoing family change.

In its response, Resolution stressed that:

  • Mediation helps and will continue to help many families who choose to use it.
  • But it is not right for everyone, and should not be forced upon anyone.
  • Other forms of out of court dispute resolution need to be considered and funded.
  • Families should also be provided with access to early legal advice.

Resolution broadly welcomes the consultation proposals around attendance by parents at a co-parenting programme where it is safe to do so and will not cause harm to the child. But believes more could be achieved by the current system, supported by public education, by the proper and consistent enforcement of Mediation Information & Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) at the gatekeeping stage and beyond, and use of existing court powers to encourage the use of out of court dispute resolution.

June 2023

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