The President of the Family Division’s report on medical experts

The President of the Family Division has published his report on medical expert witnesses in the family courts.

Sir Andrew McFarlane, President of the Family Division, established a working group to identify the scale of the problem of medical expert witness shortages in the family courts, to look at the causes and to identify possible solutions. Mr Justice Williams was appointed to Chair the group with representation from the judiciary, legal profession (including Resolution members), Royal Medical Colleges and other interested bodies.

The working group has produced a report using information gathered from surveys of the legal and medical fields and a symposium held in London in July. The report confirms the nature and extent of the shortages of medical and other health professional experts, identifies a wide range of causes and proposes solutions.

The working group is now consulting on those proposed solutions to assess their viability and how best they might be implemented. Resolution will be submitting a response; but you may wish to submit an individual response as well. The consultation closes on 31st January 2020, and you can email your responses to the group directly.