Parenting through Separation Guide: how and when can you use it?

This booklet, available to purchase in print or download as a free PDF, is designed to be a useful resource giving tips, support, information, signposting and help to parents embarking on or already separated

Last year the Parenting After Parting (PAP) Committee published their guide – “Parenting through Separation – Putting your children first”. The PAP committee has had some fantastic feedback from parents and members of Resolution, which highlights how valuable the guide is. But, for those that have not used it yet, we thought it might be helpful to explain how other members have used the guide with clients, and how parents have said it has helped them.

How is the guide used and when?

  • Some members have bought the guide in print and give them to each new client in the first meeting.
  • The PDF is free to download. This can be sent as a link to a client (by email or text message) or attached as a PDF whenever it could be helpful.
  • Some members have a pile of booklets in their reception area, for clients to pick up and take as they need.
  • The guide is extensive. We often send a lot of information to our clients, which may feel overwhelming. With this in mind, the guide is designed so that specific sections or pages can be printed off and emailed to clients, eg communication tips for talking to children about separation or common age-related responses from children in response to separation. Sending the relevant pages when clients are asking for support on these issues means the information is made available to them when they need it.
  • Some parents have read the guide cover to cover, other have used the index to refer to relevant sections and dip in and out as needed.
  • Some parents receive the guide from their mediator or lawyer and then forward a copy on to the other parent (with a carefully worded email).
  • The guide includes a section looking at ways to resolve legal issues, a jargon buster and a section of useful links and resources. This can be a useful way to help clients keep their costs down and have access to information that could be useful to move their situation forward.
  • The information contained within this valuable resource can inform and educate parents about the needs of their children, what a co-parent is and the skills necessary for effective co-parenting.
  • There is an excellent section about the grief process and the importance of self-care.
  • The language used in the guide has been carefully considered and aims to promote balance, co-operation and a non-combative approach between parents.

The PAP committee are hoping to spread the word about the guide and its uses at future events and meetings. If you are already using it, let us know how and what feedback you have had. We are hoping to update it in 2023 – if you would like to see any changes or additions, let us know. All feedback is greatly appreciated!