Where’s the Zoom link for the session?

All the sessions delivered live, are being delivered using Zoom. You can find the link to the session in a number of different ways.

If the session is being delivered live, you can attend the session by clicking on the Zoom link indicated.

You can find this Zoom link for each session in a number of places.

On the session page

Each session in the conference programme has its own session page. You can find this page by clicking on the session in the online programme.

In your daily briefing email

Each morning of the conference, you’ll receive a daily briefing email with all the Zoom links for the sessions on that day.

You’ll also receive a number of short reminder emails with useful links, including Zoom links, and other updates throughout the day from our conference platform.

Contact us

If you have any query or issue regarding access to any of the sessions, please contact us at training@resolution.org.uk