John Cornwell Award criteria

Nominations are now open for the 2020 John Cornwell Award for excellence in family law.

In order to win the Award, nominees must demonstrate an ‘outstanding achievement’ in the family law field. There are two ways how we define this:


By one or more outstanding contributions in the last 12 months. Examples could include:

  • lobbying for changes to the family justice environment
  • writing books, articles and/or reports
  • public activities such as media or fundraising activity
  • supporting younger members
  • developing innovative practices/projects


Through the production over time of a significant body of work which amounts in total to an outstanding achievement, or a sustained contribution at a regional, national or international level.

How to nominate

  • To nominate a member or group of members, you will need to provide a statement with the name and full contact details of the nominee/s and up to 500 words detailing the nomination.
  • Nominations can be made by both members and non-members of Resolution.
  • Nominees must be a current member of Resolution (any category).
  • You may also submit up to two pieces of evidence to support your nomination, such as an article or testimonial. Please supply these as a PDF document.
  • The winner/s will be decided by a majority vote by a specially appointed judging panel that includes the Chair and Vice Chair of Resolution and last year’s winner.
  • Nominations can be made here.