Regional Treasurer role description

Becoming the Treasurer for your region brings lots of opportunities including:

  • Making a difference: within Resolution; for the public; and for the membership
  • Setting the agenda and having a direct input into Resolution’s work
  • Working with other people and developing a network of peers and mutual support
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Raising your profile with fellow professionals in your region

Overall, the Regional Treasurer is the steward of the regional committee’s finances.


  • Manage the day to day financial record keeping and reporting for the region.
  • Ensure that the financial activities of the region are in keeping with Resolution’s Vision, Mission and Values, and that the financial requirements of the Regional Charter are met.
  • Ensure that the financial activities of the region are in keeping with Resolution’s financial procedures and any relevant legislation.
  • Manage financial record keeping for any regional events.


  • Manage income and expenditure for the regional committee.
  • Keep financial records for the regional committee and prepare an annual report for submission to Resolution centrally.
  • Report to the regional committee on the region’s financial health and make sure they consider the financial implications of any activities they are planning.

Person specification

  • Understanding of basic finance.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Computer literate.
  • Good time management/prioritisation skills.
  • A good understanding of the structure of Resolution.
  • Ability to commit time to conduct the role well, including travel and attending events out of office hours.

Term of office

It is good practice to refresh the officer posts regularly, but the Regional Charter does not specify a term, recognising that some regions may struggle to get members to put themselves forward for the roles. Taking into account the size and level of activity in your region, we suggest you make a judgement about the appropriate term of office, ideally between two and five years.