Attendance requirements – mediation foundation training

Resolution’s mediation foundation course is approved by the Family Mediation Council (FMC). The FMC has stringent standards and requirements for the duration and content of the course, and these must be adhered to by Resolution and course attendees.

In order to qualify as a mediator, you must be present for all eight days of the course. During this time, you will complete your learning in a range of ways through presentation, small and large group exercises, and role plays. The role plays are an integral part of the course, and each attendee is assigned the role of mediator a set number of times. If you are missing during a role play, it will not only affect your opportunity to play the role of mediator but will also affect the opportunities your colleagues have to complete their required mediator role plays.

The standards also set out what must be undertaken as learning content, some of which you will complete as distance learning (including assignments and tasks), and some of which you will complete on your remotely-attended days.

You cannot qualify as a mediator unless and until you have completed the entire course. Please be aware that if you are not present for any part of the course, you will need to attend a subsequent course to complete your training and achieve qualification. Courses are scheduled months apart, and this will cause significant delays in you becoming qualified to start practice.

We appreciate many of you have become accustomed to running a number of tasks from home. Whilst managing client work we are aware you may also be involved in remote hearings and caring responsibilities, This course requires 100% attendance and therefore it is absolutely essential for you to be able to organise your days to meet this requirement.