Out of court series – session one summary

This page describes the content of the first of our out of court discussion series which took place online on 15th June.

Session one: Wednesday 15 June at 1030

Our first session featured Jo O’Sullivan, author of (Almost) Anything But Family Court – a new book which explains to the public the rationale and alternative options to the traditional court route.

We also welcomed Deputy District Judge Margaret Kelly-Edwards, Priyanka Power, and our special guests; Bob Greig and Rebecca Giraud from Only Mums and Only Dads.

The following resources were referred to during the session:

(Almost) Anything but Family Court by Jo O’Sullivan (edited by Rebecca Giraud and Bob Greig) https://www.onlymums.org/almost-anything-but-family-court

Staircase to show out of court options https://resolution.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Slide-27-Staircasing.pdf

Central Family Court out of court information with Notice of First Appointment: financialremediesjournal.com/content/out-of-family-court-resolution-helpful-links.8269c4399d8940c5ade9516f28a374cc.htm

Family Justice Council Bridget Lindley Memorial Lecture and the annual conference: https://www.judiciary.uk/announcements/family-justice-council-bridget-lindley-memorial-lecture-and-the-annual-conference/

Family Solutions Group report and webinar:  https://www.familysolutionsgroup.co.uk/ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg4wXsBflwI

Family Solutions Initiative (Part 3 Protocol) https://www.familylaw.co.uk/news_and_comment/the-family-solutions-initiative-a-response-to-a-system-in-crisis

Resolution training and resources

Safeguarding training: https://resolution.org.uk/event/domestic-abuse-screening-and-safeguarding/

Further safeguarding resources: https://resolution.org.uk/mediation/handbook/safeguarding/

Introduction to Dispute Resolution: https://resolution.org.uk/event/resolving-issues-get-started-in-dr-practice-in-family-law/


We would be pleased to hear feedback from those who joined us at session one – please do complete the anonymous short form here: