Litigants in Person Committee

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The LiPs Committee aims to:

  • Help LiPs engage effectively in the family justice system by providing information and demystifying processes
  • Ensure members can work as well as possible with LiPs, consequently making their work lives easier.
  • Assist external stakeholders to engage well with LiPs for the benefit of the family justice system as a whole
  • Alongside Resolution staff team, respond to consultations, identifying areas where representation or lobbying is needed, and provide representation and lobbying support, working in partnership with other committees as needed.

Their work is currently focussed on:

  • Providing online information and signposting for the public – creating and updating resources
  • Providing help and support for all members who are working with LiPs, including online information and training opportunities
  • Ensuring the resources created for members are for all members, not just lawyers
  • Ensuring LiPs and members have directly fed into the development of the support we provide to them
  • Liaising with external bodies and stakeholders, to increase understanding, develop resources and avoid duplication
  • Liaising with other committees to gather their views, feedback and opinion
  • Properly promoting the resources available to members
  • Ensuring the right information is available to members only and that useful information for the public and others is easily accessible

Resources produced by the LIPs committee

For members
For you to share with clients

Other useful resources