Litigants in Person Working Party

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The Litigants in Person (LiPs) Committee was set up to respond to the increasing number of LiPs in the family justice system. They help members working with LiPs and they help LiPs with information to improve their experience of the system.

The committee aims to:

  • Ensure members can work as well as possible with LiPs, consequently making their work lives easier.
  • Enable members of the public to feel more in control of the legal process.
  • Provide LiPs with a good source of information so they feel better informed, are easier for members to work with, and seek advice when they really need it. This – in turn – will be better for members’ clients.

Their work is currently focussed on

  • Providing online information and signposting for the public.
  • Delivering a campaign to standardise the approach of the courts.
  • Providing help and support for members who are working with LiPs.