**NEW** Finding Insight on the Road to Resolution

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Trainer: Jacinta Gallant

Introducing the Insight Approach to Conflict: A way to effectively engage with clients that makes sense of resistance – as a natural human reaction to threat.

Online, 8 November 2023 (1pm – 5pm)

When we hit the inevitable bumps on the road to resolution, most of us try and fix it – because we’re great problem-solvers and our negotiating model compels us forward. But have you ever met resistance to your sincere efforts to help? Neuroscience explains this resistance and helps us be more effective in these moments. Introducing the Insight Approach to Conflict: A way to effectively engage with clients that makes sense of resistance – as a natural human reaction to threat.

Mediators, lawyers, coaches and family therapists can apply this approach in our work with families. In this half-day webinar, we start with a definition of conflict that makes sense for the relational work we do. We build on that with the skills of noticing and responding, to effectively interact in conflict and help clients gain insight. We will learn how curiosity calms, enhancing our clients’ capacity for learning and our ability to deliver a meaningful and productive service. Join us and find insight on the road to resolution.

Learning objectives

Curiosity Calms: Participants will learn about the research that confirms curiosity benefits the giver and the receiver. In moments of conflict, when we can be curious, we will calm ourselves so we can be more responsive and less reactive. And the bonus is that our demonstration of curiosity will bring the benefit to the client.

Noticing as a skill:  In order to be productively curious, we need to start with what we notice and what we assume from our noticing. Then we can begin to build an understanding of how we can effectively respond.

Curious Questions: What to ask about? Our noticing will lead us to ask questions and “listen to understand”. We will spend time understanding how threats impede learning and how asking about them can help clear up misinterpretations and create new patterns for communicating. We will also focus on the necessary step of verifying interpretations, to deepen our understanding of how often our assumptions get in the way of true understanding.

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