**NEW** Building Resilience in Family Law 27 June 2024 (Online)

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Trainer: Denise Ingamells
Trainer: Sue Palmer-Conn
Trainer: Melanie Bataillard-Samuel

Learn how to build up your capacity and resilience so you can better manage highly charged clients in this new, interactive course.

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27th June 2024 (online)

Building Resilience in Family Law

Would you like to know how to build up your capacity and resilience so that you can better manage highly charged clients?

On any typical day, do you find yourself feeling responsible for demanding clients? As though you need to be the expert who has all the answers at the drop of a hat.

Does it sometimes feel like the stress is coming at you from all directions and that you might be at risk of becoming physically and mentally exhausted?

Would you like to understand what’s happening and learn some techniques to help you bounce back?

To take care of others we need to take care of ourselves. But in a fast paced role, how can you manage yourself so you can better handle your clients?

An interactive course  using real world examples to give you baseline knowledge, awareness, understanding and practical skills encompassing:

  • Resilience, re-building capacity, transcending challenges as a result of family separation
  • Addressing client concerns and challenges, appropriate prioritising and setting and maintaining clear professional boundaries
  • The relationship between our clients and our own capacity and well-being
  • The effects of working with sustained levels of conflict, trauma and high emotion
  • How to recognise the signs of stress, anxiety, and ‘burn out’ and what steps to take
  • The importance of being supported in practice and creating a wellbeing-aware work environment
  • Signposting to professionals and services offering help and support for adults, children and young people


Other new courses now available

  • Initial Meetings – how to work with potential client/s from the very beginning. Designing services to their needs and situation (including integrated service), and assisting them to make affordable choices using the full range of available opportunities.
  • Supporting Clients, Supporting Ourselves: Prioritising Mental and Emotional Health Awareness in Family Practice– providing an understanding of some of the difficulties that can arise from separation and divorce, conflict and change and how these may impact on families, whilst managing your own wellbeing.
  • Responsibility for Children: Our role as family lawyers – providing baseline knowledge, skill, critical awareness and understanding of the effects of parental and family separation/change.

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  • building res| -Jun-24 Price £300