National Committee election results

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The results of Resolution’s 2020 National Committee elections are in. Sharon Kay and Helen Tulloch will join the National Committee for the first time alongside Edward Cooke and Bina Modi, who have been successfully re-elected.

Our congratulations go to Sharon, Helen, Edward and Bina; and thank you to all those who voted. Particular thanks go to those who put themselves forward for election but were unsuccessful on this occasion.

Annual General Meeting

We have postponed our Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was originally due to be held today (27 March). We are currently working to identify a future date on which to hold this, and will let you know as soon as this is set.

National Committee Members and Officers of the Company

Given the current circumstances, with family law practitioners facing unprecedented challenges as a result of Coronavirus, the National Committee and Executive Committee have agreed that the current Officers will remain in place until the AGM takes place, in order to provide continuity of leadership at this time.

As a result, Margaret Heathcote will retain her post as National Chair until the AGM, at which point current Vice Chair Juliet Harvey will be elevated to National Chair, and National Committee member Grant Cameron will become Vice Chair. Grant will join the Executive Committee in the short-term as National Committee representative, and Vice Chair-elect.

Following the election result, Resolution’s chief executive Colin Jones said:

Thank you to all the candidates who put themselves forward and who have conducted this election in a positive, engaging and constructive manner, particularly in an unprecedented set of circumstances.

Our profound thanks go to Margaret and other officers who have decided to stay in post and continue to work with the staff team to help guide our members through these challenging times.