Resolution members listen to Bob Neill MP at the 2016 Parliamentary lobby day

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We've come so far in our campaign to end the blame game. Help us get over the finish line.

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With the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill currently making its way through Parliament, there are plenty of ways you can join our call for no fault divorce. Keep checking back here for more information.

Use our Twitter banner

Show your support for no fault divorce on Twitter by using our banner.

a banner for people to use on twitter to show their support for no fault divorce

To post the banner on your Twitter account, log in and then click the cog to edit your account and click on your profile page. On the right hand side of the page click the button to edit profile then click on the banner (which should now say Change your banner photo on top of the image). Click upload photo and locate the image on your computer, you will then see a preview and be able to adjust the size of the banner if needed. When this is complete click Save changes.

If you’re having issues setting this up, try these instructions from Twitter.

Use our survey results

In 2018, more than 600 members of Resolution responded to a survey with their views and experience of why the current law needs to change.

Download our infographics to share on social media:

67 percent agree current law makes agreements more difficult

60pc more aggressive petitions

3 in 4 said conflict from divorce can see children's academic achievement suffer
80% of our members believe introducing no fault divorce would help separating couples reach agreement out of court


Use our talking points

We’ve created a series of talking points for you to use whenever you’re asked to comment on the need for no fault divorce.