Talking to your children about the divorce

Once you and your partner have decided to split up, you need to plan how you will tell your children.

If possible, it is best if both of you can talk to your children together. However, this is only appropriate if you are able to manage your feelings and opinions about the divorce or separation.

It may be that you both have different opinions about why things did not work out or be in different stages of the emotional process. If talking to children together is going to create more tension, have separate discussions.

Do it yourself

Negotiating your own agreement, with or without professional support, can be the cheapest way to a settlement and at first glance can seem the easiest. However, it can be a complex process with many aspects you and your partner will need to consider, and so it is not suitable for everyone.

No-fault divorce

Resolution believes the laws surrounding divorce should be changed, to allow couples to separate without having to apportion blame on a legal document, and without having to wait at least two years before they can divorce.

Find a law professional

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