Do it yourself – reaching an agreement between yourselves

Negotiating your own agreement, with or without professional support, at first glance can seem the easiest. However, it can be a complex process with many aspects you and your partner will need to consider, and so it is not suitable for everyone.

It may work if you and your partner have mutually agreed to separate or divorce, remain on good terms, communicate well with each other, and trust each other sufficiently to agree on how to share money and property, and arrangements for your children.

You may find it helpful to have a ‘safety check’ meeting, with professional legal advice, at the beginning and throughout this process to ensure that you understand your rights and the full implications of any agreements and decisions that you make, and to ensure they are legally binding.

Resolution members will provide a tailored approach and can provide you with support as and when you ask for it, charging only for the time they are involved.