Private Financial Dispute Resolution

In a private Financial Dispute Resolution (Private FDR), you and your ex appoint an independent private judge who provides an external evaluation of the financial issues to be sorted out as you separate.

The independent private judge will be a specialist in financial family matters. Your lawyer and your ex’s lawyer will assist you to appoint the private judge of your choosing.  They will also prepare the necessary paperwork and represent you on the day, you won’t have to speak in front of the judge or to your ex if you don’t want to.  The outcome of a private FDR is that the private judge will give their independent evaluation (‘indication’) on how the financial issues between you should be decided.  You and your ex can either accept this evaluation entirely or use it to facilitate the negotiation of final finer decisions with your lawyers.

You can book a Private FDR within a short timeframe at a neutral venue, such as a hotel conference room or other comfortable setting with you and your ex sitting with your lawyers in separate side rooms if you prefer.  There is a fee for a private FDR.