Financial advisors’ accreditation

Resolution's specialist accreditation scheme recognises financial advisor members who demonstrate a high level of skills, proficiency and experience in their work.

Financial advisors join Resolution as associates, by achieving accreditation you will become a full member of the organisation. If you haven’t joined and would like to start working towards accreditation find out more about membership here.

To achieve Resolution accredited status, you must pass two assignments:

  1. The Core Assignment: an open-book assignment, taken over a set weekend, which assesses your ability to fulfil the competencies set out in the Prospectus.
  2. Portfolio Assignments: the creation of two portfolios of work to prove you have the knowledge and experience outlined in the Prospectus in two different topic areas. You will have approximately eight weeks to complete the portfolio assignments

Apply for the Financial Advisors’ Specialist Accreditation

We run one round of accreditation each year and you can take the assignments in the same round or separately. If you take the assignments separately you must take the Core assignment first.

We publish the level of knowledge and experience (the competencies) you need in order to pass the accreditation in the Prospectus.  This means you can assess whether you feel you are ready to apply or not. Our assessors mark against the same competencies that you can read in the prospectus, the process is open, transparent and robust.

Portfolio assignments are available in the following subjects:

  • Pensions (this is a mandatory unit)
  • Cashflow modelling and budgeting
  • Taxation and state benefits

Tips on how to pass

Steve Hennessy, Phil O’Connor, Fiona Sharp, Tom Farrell and Mike Caffyn discuss the top tips on how to pass and get specialist accreditation.

This video is taken from a series covering the path to accreditation: “Top Ten Tips for UK IFAs Specialising on Divorce”. You can see their first discussion on getting started in the field.


Podcast: Financial Adviser Scheme: why you should consider specialist accreditation

Tom Farrell and Mike Caffyn discuss what makes family law a distinctive and compelling area to work in for financial advisers, and how getting Resolution’s specialist accreditation can help develop your career. Both Tom and Mike sit on Resolution’s Specialist Accreditation Committee for the Financial Adviser Scheme.

This podcast was recorded on 2nd September 2019.



Specialist accreditation prospectus

The prospectus explains in detail what you will need to do in order to achieve accreditation, how you maintain your accreditation and what's involved in reaccrediting.