Competence Frameworks

A competence framework sets out 'performance criteria' which define in detail what is expected of the individual, and 'knowledge and understanding' criteria which set out what the individual needs to know or understand to enable them to meet the performance criteria.

Core competence units

Portfolio competence units

Our competence framework is published so you can see exactly what you will be required to know – and demonstrate – to successfully accredit or reaccredit. You can check as you are completing your assignments whether you have met the competencies required.

As the competencies set out the performance criteria (what you do) as well as the underpinning knowledge and understanding (what you know), the framework tests how you apply what you know in your everyday practice at the level or standard required.

Each unit sets out all of the required competencies. In any one assessment, the questions will give you the opportunity to demonstrate as many competencies as possible. It’s unlikely a single case study or questions related to it will be able to cover all the competencies in a particular unit. Marking will be adjusted in line with the questions asked and assessors do not expect you to answer questions that aren’t there.

In the case of the Portfolio Assignments, submitting reflective case accounts provides you with an opportunity to cover any  competencies that you did not, or were not, covered in the case study.

Part of using a competence framework is a requirement to provide evidence of your practice in a reflective way. This means demonstrating from your own practice what you did, how you did it and why you chose to act in a particular way and finally to say what you might have learned from the particular case or intervention.

For the purposes of reaccreditation you should be able to meet all of the competencies set out in the relevant portfolio unit for your specialisms. When submitting your reflective case accounts for reaccreditation you should carefully check through the competencies to ensure you have demonstrated your knowledge and understanding and how you have applied that in practice in as many of the Specialist Portfolio Competencies as are relevant.

Competence Units are regularly reviewed and adjusted to reflect changes in law and practice and in relation to any review of Resolution’s own Code and standards of good practice so that they continue to be relevant to the current practice required of Resolution members.