Core competence units

The core competence unit focusses on the specialist knowledge, understanding and application in practice required to pass the core assessment of Resolution's Specialist Accreditation scheme.

Download the lawyer core competence unit

Download the financial adviser core competence unit

Please note: The Lawyer Core Competence Unit has been updated to encompass the implementation of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act on 6 April 2022. Please ensure you are referring to the updated document and disregard previous versions. 

Guidance Notes 

  • Not all competencies will feature in the case studies and corresponding questions, but you must be prepared and able to answer all that are listed in the unit. Assessment is adjusted to match competencies tested.
  • You should have a general knowledge and understanding of each of the competencies as set out above.
  • You are expected to have the ability to research those areas of law, statute, principles or procedures and to demonstrate what you would do in order to properly deal with an area of law or practice you are less familiar with
  • You should also demonstrate where you might refer in relation to any case where they did not have appropriate expertise.