Spotlight Series: Reflective Practice

This session covers:

Come to this interactive and experiential workshop looking at reflective practice in a post pandemic world. The workshop will look in detail at coaching, 1-1 supervision and group supervision as examples of what forms of reflective practice are available. The workshop will be lead by Gillian Bishop, Danielle Barbereau, Chris Mills and Jane McCann.

Danielle Barbereau will explain how coaching enables more meaningful conversations at work and at home, with ourselves and with others. This session will use the example of dealing with a difficult client (or colleague) to illustrate a coaching approach to supervision.

As a way of showing supervision in real time, Chris Mills will be presenting a live 30-minute session, unscripted, unrehearsed. Only the supervisee, a real family lawyer, will know in advance what she wants to talk about. See supervision in action as the moment-to-moment exploration unfolds.

Discover how being part of a reflective practice group allows you to access an alternative means of learning, sharing and support and at the same time, reflect on what kind of experience it might be for you personally.

Jane McCann leads an interactive session on group supervision.


  • Gillian Bishop
  • Danielle Barbereau
  • Chris Mills
  • Jane McCann

Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series on Wellbeing is jointly supported by Resolution and FLBA.