Our history

Resolution was founded in 1982 by a group of family lawyers who wanted to take a more constructive and less adversarial approach to family disputes.

In September 1982 a London based family lawyer, John Cornwell, gathered together a group of 30 family lawyers who were concerned about the aggressive and confrontational approach often taken in family law.

They believed that there was a better way of conducting family law cases and of serving their clients. They wanted to improve the practice of family law to prevent the legal process increasing acrimony between separating couples and to avoid family law being seen as simply another type of litigation.

These solicitors established the Solicitors Family Law Association (SFLA), and the Code of Practice was drawn up. Soon regional groups had sprung up across England and Wales.

In 2005 we changed our name to Resolution, a name which reflects our ethos and our members’ approach. The change also reflected the wider range of family justice professionals joining the organisation, including barristers, family mediators and financial advisers.

Today we have a membership of over 6,500 family justice professionals, and we are committed to supporting our members in their work with families and individuals.

Find out more about our origins in this video, produced in 2013 to celebrate our 30th anniversary: