Anti-racist statement

Resolution is committed to embracing and adopting an anti-racism approach and a commitment to being an anti-racist organisation.


Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way. This is so we can produce better outcomes for separating families and their children in a positive, non-confrontational approach that aligns with our Code of Practice and our Statement of Ethical Principles and Practice.

At the heart of Resolution is a declaration of our commitment to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity across the entire organisation. We value diversity and we believe it makes us a stronger organisation, to understand the environment we operate in, and to better serve our members and support the families they work with.

Resolution members are from varied and diverse professional and personal backgrounds, they do different jobs and work in different ways. Their clients are diverse and need a range of services. Our members respect the way others work and the requirements of their profession.

Resolution is committed to embracing and adopting an anti-racism approach and a commitment to being an anti-racist organisation. Resolution recognises the role that all organisations can play in challenging racism and ensuring there is anti-racist practice.

Our aims

We will therefore work to ensure our values of equality, diversity and respect for all are embedded into everything we do. We aim to:

  • Reflect the diversity of the sector across our membership, staff, committees and partners
  • Support the engagement of all groups across Resolution by removing barriers and proactively encouraging participation
  • Support and promote equality, diversity and inclusion within the family justice sector by tackling prejudice and promoting understanding
  • Actively challenge microaggressions, discrimination, assumptions, stereotypes, oppression, and bias because of a member’s or staff member’s race or ethnicity.

Our responsibilities

Resolution will create an environment that supports, respects and welcomes everyone. To ensure we meet the aims, Resolution will take practical steps to:

  • Develop, deliver and monitor an ongoing EDI strategy
  • Regularly review and report on diversity across membership and staff
  • Educate members and staff on equality, diversity and inclusion to develop awareness, understanding and best practice
  • Advertise widely and take steps to avoid unconscious bias in the recruitment of staff and committee members
  • Incorporate equality and diversity into our organisational development plans
  • Ensure our policies, practices and procedures are consistent with this statement
  • Provide guidance and support for members, committees, and members’ workplaces
  • Make every effort to support individuals making a complaint of racism to us
  • Promote social inclusion by proactively seeking opportunities to raise awareness of the issues affecting socially excluded groups entering the profession, accessing family law services, and co-ordinate opportunities that support the widest possible participation.

Resolution will keep our progress in tackling anti-racist practice under review and ensure that we identify and challenge issues of racism within our membership.

November 2022

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