Our vision, mission and values

Resolution's work stems from our Vision, Mission and Values: linked to our Code of Practice, this helps define our strategy and shape our activities.

Our Vision

A world where families facing change are supported to achieve constructive outcomes by a community of committed family justice professionals

Our Mission

  • Promoting and upholding the Code of Practice by setting and developing best practice standards.
  • Building a membership network of skilled and knowledgeable family justice professionals.
  • Influencing policy and improving the way that family justice is delivered.
  • Developing innovative ways of resolving family disputes.

Our Values

  • We act with integrity in all that we do.
  • We are responsive to members’ needs and put our members at the heart of everything we do.
  • We are open and honest.
  • We are inclusive, listening to what others say and valuing everyone’s contribution.
  • We are supportive of our members, the individuals and families they help, the family justice community, and staff.
  • We are resolute in campaigning for improvements in the way family justice is delivered, representing our members’ views, reflecting their priorities, and championing their expertise.

Priority areas

To deliver our vision and mission we are focused on seven key priority areas. Our work to support members falls within one or more of these areas:

  1. Changing Practices: Identify current and future changes in the practice, business and delivery of family justice and provide practical support for members in response
  2. Family Law Reform: Position Resolution at the heart of the family justice debate, promoting thought leadership and the expertise of our members. This will guide and inform the development of our support, products and services for members, shaping the policy agenda in their interests and for the benefit of the people they support.
  3. Membership: Develop and maintain a welcoming, multi-disciplinary and quality membership that reflects the family law and family justice sector.
  4. Regional Development: Promote inclusive and varied activity across the organisation through the development and improvement of the support provided by and to regional groups.
  5. Membership Involvement: Ensure everything Resolution does is driven by members for members by improving the opportunities to get involved with – and feedback on – Resolution’s work.
  6. Resolution’s Code of Practice: Set and maintain best practice standards and work to ensure members can place the Code of Practice and related standards at the heart of their work and everyone can take responsibility for upholding the Code.
  7. Training & Learning: Provide access to high quality training, learning, knowledge and resources based around a clear learning pathway for professional development delivered by members for members.