What you can complain to Resolution about

If your complaint is about an issue we can't help with we will help you find the right organisation to contact.

We can take complaints about members who have worked outside our Code of Practice.

We can deal with your complaint if:

  • You have exhausted the internal complaints procedure with the firm concerned.
  • There are no ongoing proceedings or negotiations.
  • You have not sued for negligence, and you do not intend to sue for negligence.
  • The complaint should not more properly be dealt with by a regulator or the court*
  • The matter your complaint relates to completed within the last 12 months.
  • It does not relate to an issue we’ve already dealt with.

*Resolution has no authority to deal with those matters that relate to regulation or court rules, such as delays, costs,  negligence or other professional misconduct such as lying or misrepresenting facts.

If you don’t think your complaint relates to our Code of Practice, another organisation might be able to help:

We have produced a flowchart to help you consider where to direct your complaint: