Make a complaint about a Resolution member

This page describes the step by step process to follow if you're considering making a complaint about a Resolution member.

Step 1

The first step with any complaint is for you to contact the Resolution member concerned directly.  This gives the member and their firm the opportunity to address your complaint and for the matter to be resolved between you.  All our members and their firms have complaints policies and procedures of their own and are experienced at resolving complaints.  You need to give the Resolution member and their firm a realistic timeframe to respond to your complaint (up to eight weeks).

Step 2

If you don’t receive a response from the member, or you receive a response that you are not satisfied with, you should consider the best route to follow next.  This will depend upon the nature of your complaint.  If your complaint is about a regulatory matter such as an allegation of dishonesty, you should contact the member’s regulator (if they have one), such as the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) or Bar Standards Board (BSB).  You can find more information about different routes for complaints here.

Step 3

If your complaint is about a Resolution member who has acted outside of the Code of Practice and your complaint meets the conditions listed here, you can bring your complaint to us.  To find out more, please read our complaints policy and procedureSend us your complaint and we will assess and contact you to confirm if we can take it forward.  If we can’t get involved in your complaint (for example, if the case is ongoing), we will respond to tell you why and to direct you to other routes and support.

Send us your complaint