Making a complaint about Resolution

Our members and members of the public can send feedback or a complaint about the work of Resolution to us at any time. We'll deal with any complaint openly and will follow our procedure.

If you’d like to feedback to Resolution, just email We’d like to hear your thoughts, ideas and about any issues you’ve experienced when dealing with us.

Our complaints procedure

Making a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about Resolution, please contact We will then ask you to give as much detail as you can about the complaint. We will respond to your initial email within five working days. Our first step will be to discuss your complaint with you so we can try to resolve it straight away or move onto the next step in the process.

Acknowledgement and investigation

The next step is to investigate your complaint. The investigation will explore in detail the events surrounding the complaint and the Head of Standards or Operations Director will work with senior staff to reach a conclusion as to whether the complaint is upheld or not, and the action to be taken. We will let you know at an early stage how long the investigation will take and what will happen next.

Reporting back and taking action

Once the investigation you will be given a report. It will outline the investigation, its results, and any action taken. Investigations will be completed and a report sent within 28 working days.


You can appeal the decisions made and actions taken, at which point the investigation report will be referred to a member of the National Committee for review and further investigation. The results of this second investigation will be shared with you.

Appeal investigations will be completed and a report sent within 28 working days.