Past Chair’s Roundtable Event

To celebrate 40 years of Resolution, our Past Chair’s Roundtable was the first event for our recently launched Alumni Committee, and a highlight of Resolution’s 40th anniversary celebrations.

Guest speakers spanned the history of Resolution from founding Resolution member, Richard Sax to our 21st and Immediate Past-Chair, Juliet Harvey.

Chaired by current National Chair, Grant Cameron, panellists celebrated our greatest achievements over the last 40 years, shared their views on the changes and key developments to the family justice system, and reflected on their personal highlights as Resolution Chair.

Panel members:

Richard Sax
(2nd Chair)
David McHardy
(3rd Chair)
Nigel Shepherd
(6th & 19th Chair)
David Salter
(7th Chair)
Jane Craig
(9th Chair)
Kim Beatson
(11th Chair)
Jane McCulloch
(13th Chair)
Nick Longford
(15th Chair)
David Allison
(16th Chair)
Margaret Heathcote
(20th Chair)
Juliet Harvey
(21st Chair)
Grant Cameron
(22nd Chair)

Amongst many other things, our past-Chairs discussed:

  • who the first Resolution Chair to meet the late Queen Elizabeth II was
  • why one Chair found Andrew McFarlane’s suit in their wardrobe
  • what our founder John Cornwell was really like to work with