Resolution Together – One Year On

A whole year has passed since Resolution launched its innovative Resolution Together training.


In 2023, Resolution developed and rolled-out four key modules for members who want to offer Resolution Together to their clients. Thanks to the dedication of a team of expert trainers, led by Angela Lake-Carroll with Tristan Harvey, Resolution has trained more than 360 members in Resolution Together’s first year.

What is Resolution Together?

Resolution Together is a new way of working with couples jointly through separation or divorce. It enables a couple who want to manage their separation together to seek joint legal advice, rather than separate advice, therefore approaching their divorce in as constructive a way as possible, making jointly agreed arrangements for finances and children based on their shared interests.

It keeps costs down and aims to steer couples away from the adversarial approach that inevitably can creep when the couple are set against each other. It’s also another way to keep cases out of the over-burdened family court, speeding up the conclusion of divorce so that families and children can settle into a new phase of life post separation.

How did Resolution Together come about?

There had been discussions in the Resolution community for many years about whether a divorcing couple could jointly seek legal advice but after the implementation of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 in 2022 – which allowed couples for the first time to make joint applications to end a marriage collectively.

Our members reported that there was an increase in the number of enquiries they were receiving from couples keen to seek legal advice together. So, with the generous support of the John Cornwell Foundation, Resolution sought the opinion of regulatory silk Timothy Dutton KC CBE, and then worked alongside the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA) to develop a model that operates within current regulation and provides training, support and reassurance for members to work with a couple together.

What does the training look like?

The training is interactive and in-depth, covering the breadth of issues that are relevant to working with a couple together as well as the regulatory principles of Resolution Together.

The training follows a modular approach which means that it is split into chunks, making it accessible and convenient for our members to fit in alongside their day job and other commitments.

As well as equipping practitioners specifically to offer Resolution Together, each module is steeped in content and skills that reach across all areas of modern family practice. All modules are designed to have a hands-on approach with plenty of opportunity for questions as well as discussions and group work to examine case studies and ‘what if’ scenarios.  There’s a comprehensive accompanying handbook and template documents, as well as information to pass on to COLPs and insurers.