Meet Claire Webb

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Claire Webb

Job Title: Mediation, Solicitor and Arbitrator
Firm name: Family Solutions

Claire Webb has worked in family law since 1990, qualifying as a solicitor in 1998 and as a Mediator in 2004. She offers all non-court solutions, from legally aided and privately funded mediation through to arbitration.

Claire was involved in developing a communications programme, Changing Lives, which secured funding from the DWP Innovation Fund in 2014, which aimed to help separated parents work together for the benefit of their children.  This was expanded in 2019, becoming ‘New Foundations’ and was further funded by the DWP through the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme.

She is also a Collaborative Lawyer (Resolution trained), a specialist in Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) and a hybrid mediation practitioner. Claire has been an Arbitrator for children and finances, and a Parenting Coordinator since 2019. She is a PPC for mediators and a 1-2-1 peer mentor for Resolution, and a family law supervisor supporting other family law professionals.