Meet Nigel Clarke

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Nigel Clarke

Job Title: IFLA Family Arbitrator
Firm: Kent & Surrey Family Resolution

Nigel has his own firm based in Kent dealing with a wide range of family finance and children work, with the focus on dispute resolution and family mediation and managing wellbeing for the wider family when couples are facing the trauma of separation and divorce.

Nigel is a Family Arbitrator, Hybrid Trained Family Mediator, Collaborative Solicitor, Family Law Supervisor and Resolution Trainer and PPC, supervising 16 consultees.

He is a member of Resolution’s Wellbeing and Alumni Committee.

Nigel has a particular interest in Family Mediation and helping find strategies for managing high conflict situations and personalities and provides a course for Resolution on this important topic.

He is a Trainer for Resolution’s Foundation Mediation Training and the Mental and Emotional Health module.

Nigel is passionate about wellbeing and the importance of finding time to look after ourselves and the need to continually strive to better understand and manage how we look after ourselves and one another so we are best placed to look after our clients too.